How to Increase the Durability of Your Banner Printing

Banner printing is a very popular advertising technique that has been around for many years. The cost-effective nature of vinyl banners and the ability to customize them have made them a very popular way to promote products and services. Here are some of the benefits of vinyl banners for businesses:

UV Cleaning - A common problem with acrylic banners is that they have a tendency to turn yellow if they are exposed to the sun. This can be avoided by using uv-cure inks that make them resistant to the sun's ultraviolet rays. UV-cure inks provide a much brighter color to your plastic banner material while also ensuring that they are much more durable and will not fade as quickly as acrylic paint. You can even use two separate colors of uv-cure inks so that you will have a bright, attractive banner that is protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Durability - In addition to being UV resistant, UV-cure inks are highly durable when it comes to banner printing and other outdoor use. UV-cure materials are also more resilient to the elements such as rain, wind and snow. They will not be easily damaged and will keep looking great for a very long time. Another benefit to UV-cure material is that you do not have to use additional adhesives to attach your vinyl banners to your outdoor advertising. All you need are the plasticizers that will keep the banner printing in place and the UV-cure inks to provide you with a bright colorful banner that is also strong, durable and waterproof.

Eco-Solvent Protection - It is important that your banners are created with a material that can help to conserve energy when it is not in use. Horizontal vinyl banners are perfect for this, since they are very light in weight. Your banners will be able to be hung on a variety of walls without the concern of it taking up valuable space in your wall space. If it is not in use, it can be removed and reused as many times as you like without concern of it creating an unruly piece of art. Eco-solvent technology helps to ensure that your banner printing is much more durable than regular banner materials.

Cleaning and Maintenance - Traditional banners are made from different types of materials but often contain ink that can sometimes contain harmful chemicals that can damage the walls in your building or possibly make a person sick. Traditional banner printing is created from ink that contains a printing press that runs continuously. This means that the chemicals used to create the ink are continuous. As well, traditional vinyl banners can contain latex inks that can be very messy and hard to remove. However, new technology allows you to create your vinyl banners with a type of ink that is cleaner and drier than the normal latex inks that are found in printed products.

Cleaning and maintenance of these banners is made easy with the ink being eco-solvent in nature. These ink cartridges are made up of organic material that is designed to bond with organic matter such as paper or clothing that it comes in contact with. The ink is then dried to a non-abrasive finish. This allows you to use your banners for a longer period of time with no concern for them becoming dirty and faded like the traditional type of banner printing. You can create as many copies of your custom printed promotional products as you need with eco-solvent inks for banner printing. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic:

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